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Best Value is all about delivering a product of the highest quality and an efficient service through the most commercially viable methods. We work closely with clients and main contractors to not only maintain the momentum throughout the duration of the build program, but also make improvements throughout.

Everglade has identified key factors that are critical in providing successful project solutions for our clients. Operating under Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001:2000, Everglade can offer knowledge and expertise to advise you on any aspect of your refurbishment program in order to bring properties in line with the ‘Decent Homes’ Standard. We use benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators and continuously review our business methods to ensure that Best Value is achieved. Partnering with Everglade provides extensive benefits to clients and, in the case of social housing, tenants or individual residents. We work on the basis of strategic partnering where we look to develop long term alliances that continue across a series of project opportunities. Whether a program involves residents in occupation, vulnerable or elderly residents in sheltered accommodation or children on school premises, Everglade places the utmost priority in caring for our customers and we are sympathetic to understanding specific needs.


Everglade streamlines contract management which provides a number of client benefits

  • Frees up your personnel
  • Provision of trained specialists
  • Partnership Added Value
  • Provision of Open Book information flow access to all staff members
  • Confidence in partnership with Residents

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