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Our People

Everglade Windows Ltd is successful fabricator and specialist contractor that has enjoyed a period of unprecedented growth. One of the major reasons is our commitment to training and development – from the most junior staff to director level – we continuously invest in developing our people as well as our customers and the result is a motivated, highly skilled workforce and customers who grow even in a difficult market.

Training and Development

The professional development of the team is at the heart of Everglade Windows. Each member, from Receptionist to Managing Director is proactively encouraged to continuously challenge themselves through acquiring new skills.
As the in-house skill set has grown, so has Everglade Windows. In the last 12 months, despite tough conditions, Everglade Windows has grown by 8%. As an organisation Everglade Windows see training and development as a core aspect of producing the highest quality windows and providing outstanding service to our customers.

All fitters and 98% of fabricators are NVQ Level 2 qualified, with many now working towards level 3. NVQs provide employees with a formally recognised qualification that remains with them for the rest of their careers. For many, it is the first formal qualification they have worked towards. It has helped to boost individual skills and make employees feel more confident in performing their duties.
Since the introduction of the training programme, Everglade Windows’ operatives have vastly improved their skills resulting in a significant reduction in rejects and remakes. This minimisation of waste led to reduced costs which protected margins during an extremely challenging economic period. Everglade Windows have a low staff turnover with staff retention at over 90%.

Certified and approved

Everglade has held Investors in People status since 2006 and has expanded its training initiatives to provide a new series of training programmes for trade customers through our annual customer conference, including survey/installation, sales & marketing, and management and finance.

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