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Jeffreys Road, Lambeth

The Jeffreys Road development comprises of 79 state-of the-art properties as well as large office and retail space in Lambeth, South London.

Lambeth is a South London borough rich in culture, made up of diverse areas such as Brixton, Clapham and Streatham. This impressive development is fronted by modern apartments and a 25,000 square foot office space on the main Clapham Road, with mews of townhouses behind, to add a contemporary touch to a historic corner of the nation’s capital.

The 20 family-sized townhouses have sustainability and modern living at their heart, with contemporary architecture and electric car charging points, perfect for the younger, more environmentally conscious city dweller.

During the project, which was completed in 2018, Everglade Windows manufactured and installed both the cladding and the main curtain walling on the front of the office block.

The cladding, made up of a mixture of materials, forms the exterior at the top of both the townhouses and apartments, and had to be compliant with new fire regulations.

“The Jeffreys Road project was one we very much enjoyed playing a big part in,” says Jayesh Hirani, Director at Everglade Windows.

“It posed some different challenges, notably the cladding. Ever since the Grenfell tragedy, the regulations and compliance tests have been very strenuous, and rightly so. This means that all the cladding we design and install must meet all the necessary compliance requirements, including fire safety and weather regulations. Our attention to detail and knowledge of the industry meant we were able to design cladding which looks great, but more importantly keeps people safe.”

The development has large office and retail space on the main Clapham Road with Everglade Windows using curtain walling to create a glazed façade, which presented its own unique challenges.

Jayesh adds: “With the curtain walling, we had large glass units imported from abroad. Due to the limited space on site we had to schedule our delivery so that we could install it immediately, and co-ordinating our deliveries with the on-site crane operations which was a key factor to getting it glazed on time.

“Our expertise in project management means we are always prepared for every eventuality with contingency plans in place.

“Working on the Jeffreys Road development proved our ability to work closely with the supply chain to ensure all our work is completed on time to help the project stay on schedule.”

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