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Callis Yard, Woolwich

With 149 properties made up of townhouses, penthouses and apartments, Callis Yard is a £35m residential development in the heart of Woolwich. This vibrant community provides the best of contemporary living, providing Londoners the chance to sit back and relax in a modern home while enjoying stunning views over the river towards the capital’s iconic skyline.

The site is steeped in history. Built on the old Royal Arsenal factory site, the location not only provided the British Forces with much of the ammunition for WW1, but also was the birthplace of the world-famous Arsenal Football Club. The history isn’t forgotten though, with the factory’s stables now making up the three townhouses in an ode to the area’s rich past.

After securing the contract on this exciting project, Everglade Windows manufactured and installed more than 500 aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling screens.

Working alongside contractors, JJ Rhatigan, Everglade Windows designed products which met the modern aesthetical demands of the project, as well as meeting the high-performance standards required by the architect.

The project came with precise timing demands, which meant everything had to be installed as efficiently and quickly as possible, and contingency plans had to be in place in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

There were also challenges to overcome in the design process with the curtain walling at the top of the tower block proving tricky due to the tapered roof, which was where Everglade Windows’ knowledge and expertise proved invaluable.

Jayesh Hirani, Director at Everglade Windows, says: “Being based in London, we are very much aware of the recent investment into the Woolwich area, and it was very exciting to play a key part on this development.

“One important thing which we had to consider was the performance of the windows. The specifiers wanted triple glazed windows, but due to the size of the frames the triple glazed units would have been extremely heavy, which leads to difficulties when installing on high-rise buildings.

“This was where we were able to use our expert knowledge and relationship with the supply chain to be able to provide a lighter, double-glazing alternative, which matched the performance of the original specified windows, without the added weight.

“One of our biggest challenges was the large, glazed atrium at the top of the residential tower block, which needed to be constructed using curtain walling. As the roof was tapered, the curtain walling had to be accurately designed and manufactured to fit the irregular shape.

“This project was a great example of how working closely with the contractors and our supply chain helps us all to deliver and install products on time, allowing projects to stay on schedule.”

The Callis Yard development is situated on Woolwich High Street, offering views across the capital towards Canary Wharf.

The residential properties, available in a range of apartments, penthouses and larger townhouses make up a contemporary community of homes which lie just a stone’s throw from the banks of the River Thames.


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